Trust, Employee Benefit And Agency Services Schedule Of Fees
Estate Administration Schedule Of Fees
Life Insurance Trusts Fee Schedule
Special Assets Fee Schedule

*Note: These fee schedules are subject to periodic review and change without prior notice

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Trust, Employee Benefit and Agency Services Schedule of Fees
Austin Trust Company is an independent, locally owned, trust company chartered by the Texas Department of Banking. Austin Trust Company was founded on the principle of providing professional and personal service to its clients.

Trust and Employee Benefit Services:

Annual Management Fee Market Value of Assets
1.10% on the first $1,000,000
.75 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.60 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.50 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.40 of 1% on the next $2,000,000
.30 of 1% over $6,000,000

Austin Trust Company serves as trustee or custodian of all types of employee benefit plans including qualified and non-qualified pension and profit sharing plans, Simplified Employer Plans (SEPs), 401(k)s, and IRAs.

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Agency Services:

Annual Management Fee Market Value of Assets
1.00% on the first $1,000,000
.75 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.60 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.40 of 1% on the next $1,000,000
.30 of 1% on over $4,000,000

Qualified Settlement Funds:

Escrow Agent for a Qualified Settlement Fund 25 basis points

If the Fund is a result of a class-action lawsuit, additional charges may apply and will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Minimum Fees:

• Trust/Agency $1,500 annually
• Escrow $2,500 annually
• 1031 Exchange Asset Custody:
Money market funds only
Money market and other assets
$1,250 per 6-month term
$2,000 per 6-month term
• Employee Benefit Accounts $1,000 annually
• Qualified Settlement Fund $2,500 annually

Special Services and Expenses:
In addition to the fees outlined above, the following fees will be charged:

• $16 transaction charge for the trade of securities or mutual funds (does not include brokerage commissions)

• $20 per asset outgoing transfer fee

• Miscellaneous charges to client accounts for postage, copies, long distance, courier fees, wires and similar expenses

• Termination fee of $250 plus any expenses, i.e. postage, copies etc.

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Estate Administration Schedule Of Fees

Austin Trust Company has the expertise and personnel to effectively administer the most complex estates. We are able to serve as executor, co-executor, and administrator or as agent for an individual serving in these capacities.  As executor, administrator, or agent, Austin Trust Company works to gather the assets of the decedent, pay outstanding debts and bills, file necessary tax returns and distribute the assets in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Estate Administration Fees:

Fees charged for estate administration services are determined in accordance with the Will and applicable state law. We base our fees on the complexity and time associated with the estate administration, not the market value of the estate.

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Life Insurance Trust Fee Schedule

The standard annual base fee for a life insurance trust is $2,500.00. This fee includes setting up the account and policy on our trust system, annual due diligence, and up to four Crummey letters per year to the beneficiaries.

• There is a holding fee for additional insurance policies of $500.00 per year, per policy.

• There is a fee of $50.00 assessed to substitute policies or sell a policy from an account.

• There is a $25.00 expense per Crummey letter annually in excess of the four letters per year provided for in the annual base fee.

Extraordinary expenses such as courier, postage, certified mail, copying, Crummey letters and long-distance telephone charges will be passed through to the account monthly.

Variable life insurance policies may be subject to investment management fees.

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Special Assets Fee Schedule

Real Estate Services:
• $50 one time setup fee for each property

• $200 annual maintenance fee covering the annual review of the asset, ad valorem tax payments, appropriate inspections and assessing and maintaining insurance coverage

• Real property will be charged a fee based on market value. The fee will vary depending on the type of property and the duties to be performed

• 6% commission on the unassisted sale of real estate held in trust. If assisted by a broker, we will charge a fee based on the amount of time required by the account administrator and support staff at their hourly rate

Note and Mortgage Servicing:
• $50 set up fee

• $150 annual servicing fee. Austin Trust Company will not be responsible for collection of notes in default that are held in non-discretionary, agency or custody accounts

• Notes will also be subject to our usual and customary market value fee

Mineral Interests:
• Mineral interests will be setup in an active account at no charge.

• Producing properties, oil and gas lease negotiations, and any income received from mineral interests will be charged 5% of gross receipts


Austin Trust Company does not normally purchase annuities as a part of an investment program.  They are sometimes received, however, in established trusts when Austin Trust Company serves as Successor Trustee.  Austin Trust Company may continue to hold annuity assets as a courtesy to our clients.  We are not and expressly do not hold ourselves out as experts on annuities.  Austin Trust Company makes no representations concerning the financial strength or claims paying ability of the insurance company issuing the annuity.  Annuities may be subject to fees, surrender charges, and holding periods beyond the control of Austin Trust Company and which may vary per the terms and conditions of the policy and of the issuing company.

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