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Austin Trust Company

Texas Grown with Global Perspective
Austin Trust Company is the first private trust company to be chartered by the Texas Department of Banking. We are the only locally owned and controlled institution that offers a full range of fiduciary services. As a result, decisions affecting accounts are made quickly without the delays encountered by institutions that find it necessary to consult with decision makers in other cities.

Experienced Leadership
Our Officers, Board of Directors and Development Board are made up of successful men and women with industry, educational and philanthropic backgrounds. The Board of Directors meets monthly and is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the operation of the company and the administration of its accounts.

Knowledge, Expertise, and Dependability
Since receiving our charter, Austin Trust Company has grown rapidly, and currently has approximately $1 Billion held in trusts, agencies and custody accounts. In addition to stocks, bonds and funds, we hold a variety of non-financial assets including real estate, oil and gas properties, mortgages, notes, and miscellaneous personal property. We serve in all fiduciary capacities, such as executor or administrator of estates; trustee of living and testamentary trusts; trustee of court created trusts; and trustee for employee benefit and IRA accounts. In addition, we serve as agent for escrow and custody accounts. Our officers have over 200 years of combined banking and trust experience, enabling us to effectively manage a variety of assets and types of accounts.

Understanding Our Clients’ Needs
At Austin Trust Company, we work closely with clients to establish clear investment objectives and guidelines to manage their portfolios in order to meet their financial needs. The client, account administrator and investment officer meet to discuss the risks and rewards offered by various alternatives and to agree on an investment program. Thereafter, the investment performance and program are reviewed on a regular basis.

Meet the People Behind Austin Trust Company:

Board of Directors
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